Vestax PDX-2000 MIDI MOD

This modification makes your PDX-2000 able to recieve a MIDI IN signal and changes the platter speed to match notes played on a MIDI keyboard.

This mod is no longer available as a kit. All instructions how to make one yourself can be found below.
This free hosting doesnt alow zipfiles so just right click and download each file.

PCB layout for etching (a perfboard works just fine also)
Switch wiring
Code for micro controller

Preprogrammed microcontrollers can be bought for 12€ including shipping worldwide.




The mod is made to understand incomming MIDI signals. When activated it will overtake the controll of the ±50% ultrapitch and change the value corresponding to the note played on a MIDI-keyboard.
The ±10% is still in use and can be used to correct out of tune samples.

The mod can play 20 notes from C0-G1 where C1 is 0%.
A switch is used to select between MIDI and regular use of the ultrapitch.

Works on both PDX-2000 and PDX-2000 mk2



This mod installation requires that you are comforatble with soldering (or have a friend who is).
Read the instructions carefully before ordering. Just send me a mail if you have any questions.

Download the installation pdf


Order / Contact

The mod as a kit is no longer available.

Preprogrammed microcontrollers can be bought for 12 euro including shipping worldwide.

Contact me at for any questions.